About Us

The Popular Culture Research Unit (PCRU) is an interdisciplinary research group housed within the School of Performance and Screen Studies at Kingston University, comprising scholars in the areas of both practice and theory from across Film, TV, Media and Communications, Dance, Drama and Music. The guiding principal of the group is to foster and support investigation into popular culture and performance in all is myriad forms by creating a space in which researchers and practitioners can share ideas within a multi-disciplinary environment, explore points of synergy and intersection, and find help and guidance from their peers. PCRU will foster the generation of new collaborations and plans, which can lead to innovations both in practice and theory.

Deliberately broad in its conception, like popular culture itself, PCRU encompasses stage and screen, art galleries and concert halls, still and moving images, publishing and performance, past and present, practice and theory. It explores artefacts and ideas, texts and contexts industries and audiences. It creates culture through the investigative act and examines the conditions of consumption. Above all else it tests, challenges and examines the values and ideas within our regional, national and global cultural landscapes. It’s purpose is not to define popular culture, but to discover it. A

PCRU’s areas of research include the following broad themes:

  • Film Studies and Film making
  • TV and Broadcasting
  • Dance and performance
  • Drama and performance
  • Music and performance
  • Installation and creative spaces
  • Creative writing
  • Media and publishing
  • Digital Media and Interactive Media
  • Transmedia forms
  • Photography
  • History, aesthetics and theory
  • Fandom and audiences

Through meetings, workshops and discussion groups, PCRU aims to bring together, disseminate, share and celebrate the ongoing scholarship into popular culture and performance within the School.

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