Located in the School of Performance and Screen Studies at Kingston University, this first symposium organised by the Popular Culture Research Unit will highlight some of the new research currently taking place in the School. In a series of thee panels throughout the afternoon staff in the School will present papers, performances and short films across a wide range of subject, from the killing of Malcolm X, Goth music and subculture, the appropriation of musical style culture, contemporary medical performance, East Asian Gothic cinema and author Stephen King. The event will close with a keynote presentation on Food and Cultural Horror by visiting speaker Dr Lorna Piatti-Farnell, Associate Professor in Popular and Media Culture at the Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand, followed by a wine reception.

The symposium will take place from 1pm-6pm on Monday 2nd November at Penrhyn Road Campus, Kingston University.

The Schedule is as follows:

Panel One: 1pm-2pm Clattern Lecture Theatre

Fleeta Chew Siegel “The Killing of Malcolm X” (2015, 8 minutes)

Shane O’Sullivan “Persona Non Grata – an audiovisual history of espionage”

2.-2.20 Refreshments JG5007

Panel Two: 2.20-3.30pm JG5007

Isabella van Elferen “Goth Music From Sound to Subculture”

Fred Botting “Sonic Poe and the Origins of Horror”

Meredith White “Musical Style and Appropriation”

Panel Three: 3.30-4.40 (JG5007)

Alex Mermikides “Staging Monsters: Representing Cancer and Transplant in Contemporary Medical Performance”

Simon Brown “An American Werewolf in America – Stephen King’s Silver Bullet”,

Colette Balmain “East Asian Gothic Cinema”

4.40–5pm Refreshments (JG5007)

5-6pm Keynote: (JG5007)

Lorna Piatti-Farnell “It Eats You From Within, and Without: Food and (Cultural) Horror in Film”

Click below to access the schedule as a PDF .

Click here to book tickets. Admission is FREE.


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